Martin Travel advisers get busy with customers in light of Hurricane Irma

Martin Travel advisers recommend travel insurance for everyone

ROANOKE, Va. – In light of the recent hurricanes, travelers are concerned about their trips, and Martin Travel advisors in Roanoke say they've been getting busier.

“Yes, we've had a lot of canceled flights, canceled cruises, canceled,” Michelle Chambers, manager at Martin Travel, said.

This week, travel agents are faced with more calls and more questions about their trips.

“We have a couple that was actually in Mexico, and they're concerned because of the flight cancellations,” Kara Duncan, a travel agent at Martin Travel said.

Despite extreme weather forecasts, Chambers said not all customers are choosing to have travel insurance.

“People don't think of these things. When you're traveling abroad, your medical insurance is not covered at all, so travel insurance takes care of medical expenses. It takes care of the unexpected, including canceled flights, and lost luggage. With Hurricane Irma, for the destination you're going, it has to be a government issued hurricane evacuation for it to actually be covered by travelers insurance,” Chambers said.

Chambers shared a tip about travelers insurance that she says not all customers are aware of.

“Once a hurricane is named, you cannot get travelers insurance for that, because it's considered a pre-existing condition,” Chambers said.

So she recommends getting travelers insurance when you purchase your airline tickets

“Once an item is nonrefundable, you have 24 hours to get the insurance but it will be covered for pre-existing. We have about 80 percent of customers who actually take the travel insurance,” Chambers said.

Whatever travel plans you might have, Martin Travel advisers recommend travelers insurance for everyone.