Danville Salvation Army captain preparing to help Hurricane Irma victims

Ray Jackson heading to Macon, Georgia; leaving Tuesday

DANVILLE, Va. – As Hurricane Irma battered South Florida over the weekend, Danville Salvation Army Capt. Ray Jackson was glued to his television.

"My weekend, mostly, has been watching the TV and trying to see what the hurricane was going to do and what direction it was going to go in," Jackson said.

On Monday, he was making some final preparations.

He will leave Tuesday and meet up in North Carolina with about two dozen other Salvation Army members from Virginia and Washington, DC.

From there, the group will head to a staging area in Macon, Georgia and be sent across Georgia and Florida as necessary.

"My primary responsibility will be to secure supplies and resources and the things that we need in order to run an incident command," Jackson explained.

This will be the sixth hurricane that he has responded to.

While he has plenty of experience, that experience doesn't necessarily make preparing for this response easy.

"In past hurricanes, I kind of went down and everything was already prepared for me," Jackson said. "Here, I'm going down to kind of prepare everything."

Even so, being previously stationed in Macon, he is excited to have an opportunity to bring salvation to an area he knows well.

God's Pit Crew in Danville and Gleaning for the World in Lynchburg are also helping hurricane victims. Both organizations are sending relief supplies.

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