Allergists say they're seeing more patients as fall season kicks in

Allergists see patients with symptoms from fall pollen season

ROANOKE, Va. – Fall is one day away and allergy specialists say they're already seeing more patients with symptoms from fall pollen season.

Allergists at the Asthma and Allergy Center in Roanoke say rag weed pollen has been very heavy which many are struggling with right now. 

While allergies can be taken care of with over the counter medication such as inter-nasal steroid sprays and non-sedating anti-histamines, some people have more severe symptoms.

When someone finds that those aren't doing the job, then it may be time to seek an allergy specialist.

“Determine what it is they're sensitive to, then find more definitive treatment than those medications. A lot of people allergic to pollen including ragweed pollen can have an allergy to eating raw fruits where they eat it and get a tingly feeling. Now if you actually get desensitized to those pollens with allergy immunotherapy, that symptom goes away as well,” says Dane McBride, senior allergist at the Asthma and Allergy Center.

For more information on dealing with summer and fall allergies, contact your family doctor or allergist.