Oregon man walk to cure diabetes

ROANOKE, Va.- – An Oregon man is walking through the Roanoke Valley to bring more awareness to diabetes.

John Cushman says after his oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and lost both kidneys and he decided to walk from coast to coast to bring attention to this disease.

He's joined on the walk by a supporter who is documenting the journey through social media.

"I thought, you know what? This could be great and lace up my shoes again. Nobody knows that this is a silent killer. This is the No. 1 one silent killer. Bigger than cancer, bigger than breast cancer," Cushman said.

"Folks in Virginia have been great giving their testimony about members of the family or whether they have diabetes. and you know that's what we're looking for," said Travis Preston, supporter. 

Cushman started the walk on Labor Day from the Washington Monument.
He's now on his way to Bristol and plans to finish the walk sometime in November in San Diego.

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