West End Center employees concerned for safety of kids getting off bus

Roanoke police now monitoring drivers near West End Center

ROANOKE, Va. – Employees at the West End Center in Roanoke are concerned about the safety of kids getting off the bus.

“Cars are not stopping and it's like they can hit one of these kids,” said Latoyna Board, a mother whose children take the bus every day.

When the stop sign opens on the side of the bus, drivers are supposed to stop.

But employees at the center said it’s getting too close for comfort.

“We almost had a child hit last week. The truck driver decided he's going to go around the bus,” said Danny Britton, program director at West End Center.

Roanoke police are now monitoring drivers at the intersection where kids get off the school bus near West End Center.

“When the bus drops everybody off, folks need to remember to stop at that stop sign,” said Scott Leaman, civilian crime specialist at Roanoke police.

Last week alone, police said three motorists were caught driving past the stop sign.

“You have to understand that it's going to be the driver’s fault,” Leaman said.

Leaman added that if you see this happening in your area, call police and let them know.