Gretna teen's family speaks after suspect indicted for teen's death

Joey Fondaco, 20, charged with second-degree murder

GRETNA, Va. – "When we got notified that it happened, I mean, it was kind of a shock," said Hailey Moore's father, Jason, about his reaction to learning that a suspect had been indicted for Hailey's death.

Jason was shocked when he found out Monday that the man who, for the past 10 months, had been suspected of killing his daughter had finally been indicted.

20 year-old Joey Fondaco, Hailey's boyfriend at the time, is now charged with second-degree murder.

"We feel like there's probably a lot of evidence, there's probably a lot of witnesses, different things, facts, that are out there," Hailey's father said. "We just want those facts to be heard."

Hailey was a freshman at James Madison University.

The day she died in November 2016, she was found unresponsive at Fondaco's off-campus apartment.

She was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later.

Her death was ruled a drug overdose.

Hailey's cousin, Katelyn Hawley, has always hoped for the best in the case of her cousin's death and was not too surprised by Fondaco's indictment, but the indictment doesn't make the death any easier to bear.

"She was always there for me and she always knew that I would be there for her," Hawley said.

Now, Hailey's family has a message for other college students.

"I'm hoping that maybe roommates will watch after their other roommates. I wish students would watch out for other students," Hawley said.

Fondaco is scheduled to have a bond hearing in Rockingham County Circuit Court on September 25.

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