Lexington Fire Department gets state grant to help with opioid cases

Lexington Fire Department to train to use nasal spray for opioid cases

LEXINGTON, Va. – The Lexington Fire crew says the number of opioid cases they have seen this year isn't more than in previous years.

But as this epidemic continues to grow in other communities, they decided to get pro-active in the event that more cases arise in the area.

So they applied for a grant with the Virginia Department of Health for additional doses of the drug, naloxone, in nasal-spray form.

“If the governor is pretty much saying you're going to get it, why not do it, and provide a better service to the community we are serving,” said Lt. Thomas Robertson Jr. at the Lexington Fire Department.

Now, all EMS providers, in addition to paramedics, will be able to administer this life-saving drug when needed.

Robertson said this will triple the number of crew members who will be able to administer the drug.

Firefighter, Nickie Chittum is one of several crew members who will soon be able to administer the drug.

“It gives me the ability to help the patients out who have overdosed on a narcotic and save a life,” Chittum said.

The Lexington Fire Department looks forward to training to use the nasal spray in the next few days.