More reports of credit card fraud in Roanoke Valley

Police have multiple investigations that likely involve card skimmers

ROANOKE, Va. – There have been more reports this week of people in the Roanoke Valley falling victim to credit card fraud. Police say people need to watch out for card skimmers at gas stations.

Police in Roanoke County and the city of Roanoke have multiple investigations open looking at credit card cloning. They think people are probably using skimmers at places like gas stations and ATMs to take victims’ information.

Roanoke City police haven't found evidence of a skimmer recently, but they are investigating cases where people got a hold of credit card information and then tried to use it, including two men (shown above) using cloned card at a CVS on Colonial Avenue earlier this week. Police are still looking for them.

Scott Leamon, a Roanoke City Police Department crime specialist, says it's hard to catch people using skimmers.

“All the victims have their card on them, in their wallet or in their purse when they start noticing these charges. They’ve had somebody withdraw $1,000 out of their bank account and they’re like, ‘I’ve got my card in my wallet and I didn’t do it.'"

Police said if you’re trying to get gas don’t go to a gas station late at night that doesn’t have an attendant, and try to feel around for skimmers near where you insert your credit card, although you can’t always see or feel where they are.