Painted rocks make their way across the country to 94-year-old grandma with dementia

Local Salem group sends painted rocks to brighten her day


SALEM – Bringing back good memories, a local group in Salem is sending long distance love to a 94-year-old grandma who has dementia.
Marjory Miles once lived in Roanoke with her mother who was a business owner along Williamson Road at the time.
Her granddaughter Gayle Carter Kennedy who now takes care of her posted a photo on Facebook in a group called "Virginia Beach Rocks!- VBR" that was taken after Miles found a painted rock in their yard. The rock had a fish painted on it, and once she found it, Kennedy said she had a moment of clarity, remembering happier times.

Since that post, which has been viewed thousands of times, people from all over the state and across the country have been sending painted rocks to Marjory in the hopes of making her smile.
A local rock-painting group in Salem started sending her rocks this week. Rosalind Farrera, a member of the group, sent WSLS 10 video of her opening one of her packages. “It’s the cutest thing ever. It just brightens her day,” Farrera said.


Kennedy said it brought tears to Marjory’s eyes knowing it was from Salem.

Kennedy said they are expecting several more packages to arrive this week. Updates are posted in the Virginia Beach Rocks group. All photos are tagged #Granny94. Visit the group's Facebook page to see how you can get involved.

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