Kentucky bar gains fame for letting patrons throw axes

Jennifer Lawrence mentioned Flying Axes on The Tonight Show

(NBC News 2017)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A bar in Louisville, Kentucky is getting buzz after a shout out from Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lawrence. 

It's called Flying Axes for a reason. 

Thanks to a mention on The Tonight Show, the bar is getting a lot of new customers. 

Axes plus beer does sound a little dicey at first. Flying Axes keeps patrons safe with plenty of coaches, cages and close-toed footwear. Beer drinking must also stay to a minimum. Then, just like J-Law and Jimmy Fallon, one throw and you're hooked. 

Co-owners Mike Brown and Dave Durand saw the concept in Canada. Theirs was one of the first ax bars in the US. 

Lawrence came in with family and friends for a private session around their July grand opening. 

Folks at Flying Axes say that the ax Fallon provided on the show was much larger than the hatchets used there, and that's the only reason he beat her. 

They are hoping to host a throw off between the two at a later date.