Danville councilmen start new project to help improve city

Councilmen want to collect at least 100 ideas from residents by end of year

DANVILLE, Va. – Better promotion of the mountain bike trails at Angler's Park is just one of about 50 ideas people have  for making Danville a better place to live.

City Councilman Lee Vogler said the "100 ways in 100 days" idea-raiser is something he and Councilman James Buckner have been discussing for several weeks as a way to reach out to and engage residents.

"(There are) a lot of good ideas that get put out there. We'll see things on various social media pages, so we thought this was a way to kind of take all that and put it in one uniform place," Vogler said.

Buckner said once the 100 days is up at the end of the year, council members will sort through the ideas and figure out how to possibly implement them.

"There's a lot more coming in than what we expected, so it's going to be a tough time going through them and figuring out where to send the right ideas, whether it's something we can implement on council or if it's something we should send to a nonprofit," Buckner explained.

Danville native Jakesha Saunders said the city's communities are a lot different today than they were when she was growing up.

She would like to see more of a citywide effort focusing on helping young people -- "for the youth to get a general understanding that the people do care, and care about what it is that they're involved in."

Danville resident Stevette Anderson would specifically like more activities for younger people.

"I feel like younger people are having a hard time right now really trying to get themselves together in a place where they can exercise their minds," Anderson said.

Several ideas submitted to the Tumblr page created for the project also call for an increased focus on youth and community involvement.

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