New vehicle could help Danville firefighters save more lives

New off-road vehicle has more capabilities than old one

DANVILLE, Va. – A new vehicle could help the Danville Fire Department save more lives.

The department has just purchased a new off-road vehicle.

It's called a Mule and has a 70-gallon water tank, 100 feet of hose, and medical equipment.

It can seat three people and transport someone who has been injured.

Danville Fire Department Battalion Chief Shelby Irving said the vehicle is an upgrade from the department's old off-road vehicle.

"The last one we had was just a straight John Deere Gator," Irving said. "This one, we upgraded because we saw a need."

The vehicle will primarily be used to respond to calls on the city's Riverwalk Trail and during busy events downtown.

Irving said firefighters are excited.

"They're taking good care of it, getting all the equipment on it, checking it every day, making sure that we didn't forget something that needs to go on it, training on it. Each firefighter will be trained," said Irving.

The Mule will be housed at the department's headquarters downtown. The gator will now be housed at the fire station at Danville Regional Airport.

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