Central Virginia fueling company sends 130 people to Puerto Rico

Foster Fuels was asked by the Department of Defense and FEMA to help

LYNCHBURG, Va. – In Puerto Rico, people continue to struggle with a shortage of basic necessities, like water, food, gas and money, after Hurricane Maria pushed through nearly two weeks ago. Now a fueling company in Lynchburg is sending more than 130 people to the island to help, along with a load of diapers, which are also needed.

It's boarding time for Foster Fuels employees. With their lunch in hand and baggage in the cargo hold, more than 130 people are leaving their families again. This time, they're headed to Puerto Rico. 

"Yeah, the families, they were concerned about, you know, us leaving. We talked about the length of time we might be gone and we can be gone anywhere up to, and even six months from now,” said Thomas Radtke, a tanker truck driver for Foster Fuels.

It's been a long five weeks of back-to-back trips for Radtke and others who helped with relief efforts in Florida and Texas. 

“We'll go down, we'll do our jobs, we'll take care of the people in Puerto Rico. Hopefully get them to rebuilding and make sure they have better quality of life than they do have now,” Radtke said.

Foster Fuels was asked by the Department of Defense and FEMA to help with fueling efforts on the island. 

“Fuel's a big issue. Without fuel the world does not move, and we are in support of that effort,” Watt Foster, president and CEO of Foster Fuels, said.

Once on land, the workers and others will hit the ground running, getting much needed fuel to hospitals to run their generators. 

"And then it goes from health and well-being to search and rescue. Whatever they ask you to do, you do,” Foster said.

Foster Fuels is also helping Gleaning for the World send Puerto Rican children loads of diapers.

“You know these guys from Central Virginia are gonna be able to get the ports back open to where we can get the supplies back in. The people in Puerto Rico and all the island areas are just desperate for what we can get on the ground,” Ronald Davidson, Gleaning for the World president, said.

And since there's no telling when they'll be back, Foster Fuels asks the community to keep them in their thoughts and prayers. 

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