Route 11 in Rockbridge County closed for testing

Radford University performs geological testing

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. – Parts of Route 11 in Rockbridge County will be closed until Thursday for geological testing. The Virginia Department of Transportation is partnering with Radford University to do a wide variety of tests by sending seismic shock waves into the ground at natural bridge state park.

They want to learn about the depth of the rock bed the thickness of the arch and the general makeup of the bridge.

"We already know that we have the asphalt underneath the asphalt. We have the rode itself and then some soil and then we have the limestone rock of the natural arch but what we don't know is the extent of all those different materials." said Skip Watts, Professor of Engineering Geology at Radford University. 

The testing will also determine if traffic vibrations affect the stability of the bridge. VDOT says they will do other tests on Route 11 for the next three months.