Valley Metro to take measures to clean huge mess in restrooms

Despite hourly maintenance, Valley Metro finds huge mess in restrooms

ROANOKE, Va. – Hundreds of people come through Valley Metro Depot on Campbell Avenue every day.  
Despite the efforts to keep them clean, managers say the restrooms there turn into a huge mess within a matter of minutes. 

General manager Carl Palmer said visitors are making such a mess, its become a health concern. 

Maintenance workers clean the restrooms on an hourly basis. 

Now, the company is hiring contractors to reconstruct the floors for sanitary purposes.

"We have had instances where our facility's staff would maintain these bathrooms each hour, and not even into the next hour, this abuse occurs. So there's this recurring effort on our part to maintain a sanitary and healthy surrounding for our patrons," Palmer said.

Construction of the new flooring is expected to begin next week.