Go Cross cyclocross event draws bikers from across the country to Roanoke

The first ever event was hosted in Fallon Park

ROANOKE, Va. – Cyclists from across the country made a stop in Roanoke Saturday.

It was all part of the Go Cross cyclocross race. The track at Fallon Park featured several obstacles including mud, gravel, stairs, and even places where cyclists had to get off their bikes and jump over barriers. Organizers hope this becomes an annual event. Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge says it's working to make the area a premier cross-country biking destination.

"We're really pushing the outdoors as a big part of what brings not just visitors to the area, but for the residents. People looking for younger employment opportunities they love the outdoors amenities that are here and look for jobs here all the time. All this helps everybody from economic development to the tourism dollars, the whole works," Visit Virginia Blue Ridge Board Chair Lee Wilhelm said.

Organizers are working to have the area a certified "silver" location for biking.