History comes to life through Salem Ghost Walk

Guests tour through city cemeteries, learning about key historical figures

SALEM, Va. – History is coming alive for the City of Salem, as the historical Ghost Walks return this weekend.

Actors will play the ghosts of historical figures in the city. They'll be spread out near the tombstones of the people they're portraying throughout the East Hill Cemetery.

Guests will have the chance to tour though the cemetery, listening to the ghosts tell their stories and the impact they had on Salem and the Roanoke Valley.

Some of the ghosts featured include: Brigadier Gen. Andrew Lewis, a Revolutionary War hero; The Deyerle Brothers, Confederate officers; Susan Price, a resident of the African-American Water Street neighborhood; and Charlie Hammitt, a silent film star.

The Ghost Walk at East Hill Cemetery kicks off on Oct. 5. Click here for more information on tickets.

For the first time the event will run into a second weekend. Starting on Oct. 12, the Ghost Walk will continue at Sherwood Memorial Park Amphitheater. Instead of touring through the cemetery, guests will be seated in the Amphitheater as the ghosts take the stage to tell their stories.

For more information and to buy tickets for the event in Sherwood, click here.