Radford University president delivers State of the University Address

Radford's new strategic plan will come to life next year

RADFORD, Va. – The state of Radford University is strong, according to Radford President Brian Hemphill. On Friday, Hemphill addressed faculty, students and community members. 

"We've truly made great strides, but I would also say that we have a lot of work to do. This work will be defined by our strategic plan, embracing the tradition and envisioning the future," said Hemphill. 

Radford's new strategic plan will come to life next year, and help shape the university through 2023. During his address, Hemphill focused on how the university will grow by 2023.

"We have charted a course for growing our overall enrollment, our overall student body to more than 13,000 students by 2023," said Hemphill. 

Radford's enrollment stands at about 10,000 right now. Hemphill said he wants the university to work harder at retaining first-year students and making the campus more diverse. Radford has decided to push its health sciences, health care, human services and information safety programs to the forefront. 

"We've reached a tipping point in higher education. We can no longer afford to be just another regional university. We must separate ourselves within this crowded market," said Hemphill. 

Hemphill also announced a historic, three-year $13.8 million federal grant that has been awarded to Radford's IMPACT program to help better the teacher workforce in underserved rural Appalachian communities.