Study: Most parents do not install infant car seats properly

The seat's base should not budge more than one inch in any direction

(NBC News 2017)

(NBC News) – New moms and dads often fail their first test of parenthood: Installing the infant car seat.

Studies show parents make mistakes with three out of four car seats. 

Britax's Sarah Tilton says most stores will allow you to make sure an infant seat fits properly in your vehicle before you buy.

Once in, the seat's base should not budge more than one inch in any direction. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics says babies should remain rear-facing until at least age 2. 

"In a rear-facing car seat, a frontal impact, or our most common type of crash, that rear-facing car seat will cradle the child's head, neck and spinal cord," Tilton says.

Also, be aware of what's around your baby.

A mirror installed to see a rear-facing infant could become detached in an accident and fly around dangerously.

You should also register your car seat with the manufacturer. That way the company can notify you of any recalls. 

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