Renovation Alliance organizes volunteers to repair homes for veterans

More than 160 volunteers helped renovate 10 homes across the Roanoke Valley

ROANOKE, Va. – Hundreds of volunteers across the area gave back to veterans Saturday with paint brushes and screwdrivers in hand. 

The nonprofit Renovation Alliance spent the day making much-needed improvements to 10 veteran's homes across the Roanoke valley, all at no cost to them.

On Saturday morning volunteers were painting and cleaning Wanda Casey's house, whose husband served as a Marine.

"It's just wonderful to see that you do have people that volunteer and they do it out of the kindness of their heart to help others," Casey said.

Casey said when she asked the Renovation Alliance for help, she never imagined she'd be getting new sealant on her deck, new ceiling fans, new faucets and even a new railing on her front porch.

"That is just awesome to know that this team could come in and they could do as much as they're doing in such a short amount of time, in just one day," Casey said.

Casey's house is just one of 10 being worked on across the Roanoke valley.

"It's something that they wouldn't be able to do on their own, and that we couldn't do as ourselves as an organization without the help of volunteers. It's just everybody coming together and pulling the pieces together just to make one thing happen," said Eric Wise with the Renovation Alliance.

Some of those volunteers are full-time staff at the Salem VA Medical Center. They said they wanted to serve the veteran community outside their regular business hours.

"I don't know what a contractor would charge to paint a house this size, it's a very large house, but I know that in this particular instance, it's costing zero dollars for the person who lives here," Medical Center employee Benjamin Sackett said.

This weekend's spree of renovations is one of two big events for the Renovation Alliance, with the other in April. Casey said she'd recommend anyone who needs help to reach out.

"Just ask, don't be afraid to ask, and to find out what's out there, what could be helpful to you, because it really makes a difference," Casey said.

The Renovation Alliance also does small repairs for people who need it throughout the year. If you'd like to apply for help, follow the link here.