Donated food at Feeding America Southwest Virginia down 50 percent

Food bank also short in transportation cost by $10,000

ROANOKE, Va. – Some of the racks at Feeding America Southwest are nearly empty.

That’s because donated food is down by 50 percent.

“The amount of food we're getting into our warehouse is down by about 400,000 pounds. That’s a lot of food that we need to continue feeding the hungry in the area,” said marketing coordinator Amanda Allen, at Feeding America Southwest Virginia.

As temperatures continue to drop, the demand for donated food at the food bank increases.

“It's definitely something we're concerned about as we go into colder months. I think about senior citizens on fixed incomes or even the families that face a tight budget,” Allen said.

In addition to a decrease in donated food, there is also a struggle to pay for food transportation which is down by $10,000.

“Transportation cost has risen because food is further away, and it takes more money to get that transportation to southwest Virginia to help the people here in this area,” said senior vice president John Shoulders, at Feeding America Southwest Virginia.

Allen believes the shortage of donated food was for a good cause.

“Of course, it needed to go to the hurricane victims, because they need that help. But that also makes life challenging for us,” Allen said.

She believes the best is yet to come here at home.

“My hope is that southwest Virginians will do what they do best, and that is to help your neighbor,” Allen said.