IHOP waiter fights off would-be robber

Elijah Arnold put his third-degree black belt to use

(NBC News 2017)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WOAI) – An IHOP waiter and third-degree black belt went from serving pancakes to serving up justice on a would-be robber Thursday.

Waiter and martial arts enthusiasts Elijah Arnold said when the group of three walked into the San Antonio, Texas restaurant, something just didn't seem right.

"When I stepped into the galley, I just got that feeling where I needed to wait and listen," Arnold said.

Five to ten minutes later, he heard the cash register pop.

"That's really the sound that haunts me because that's the sound that put me into action," Arnold said. "I like, ran up. He like, swung the crowbar at me. I blocked with my left arm, I hit him with my right hand and I pulled him to the ground," Arnold recalls.

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