Local dentist chisels into worst Halloween candies for your teeth

Is there a "best" candy?

ROANOKE, Va. – Micah Crizer loves candy.

“I like it for the same reason as anybody else, the sugar rush,” said Crizer, who was shopping for candy at Target.

As Halloween creeps closer, Dr. Randy Norbo knows all too well how much dental decay that sugar rushes into.

Norbo wants to help minimize that decay with some advice on which candy is best. 

So what are the worst candies to buy?

“The worst kind is the sticky gummy bears and gummy worms. Carmel. Anything that can stick to the teeth,” Norbo said.

Unless you brush your teeth thoroughly afterwards, the gooey candies could do major damage.

“If it sticks around a long time, those are going to be the worst,” Norbo said.

On the flip side, here is the best candy that Norbo recommends.

 “Dark chocolate with nuts in it is the best candy, if we're going to do a 'best' candy. It tends to dissolve easier. It just doesn't stick around as long,” Norbo said.

Next time you're shopping for candy, remember Norbo’s words, “Gooey equals trouble in the dental world!”

Norbo says people should brush their teeth for two minutes, several times a day, to avoid tooth decay.