Parents deliver baby in car on side of Franklin County road

Mom and baby are both healthy

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – A Franklin County couple is speaking out exclusively to 10 News after delivering their baby on the side of the road over the weekend.

At just 2 days old, Kylee Grace is already her parents' whole world.

"She’s definitely a gift from God," dad Justin Woods said.

The way she came into this world shocked everyone.

"I just looked at him, I was like ‘oh, my God, my water broke,’" mom Taylor Mays said.

Justin Woods flew down Route 220 with girlfriend Taylor Mays in labor in the passenger seat. They only made it about 15 minutes before pulling into the Boones Mill Rescue Squad parking lot.

"Just had enough time to run around to the other side of the car and jump out and she was... By the time I got over there, her head was out," Woods said.

Dad assumed the role of doctor and delivered his baby girl.

"She smiled and opened her eyes and just looked around like ‘where in the world am I at?’" Woods said.

A good Samaritan noticed their hazard lights and decided to stop.

"Something in me just kept saying like ‘I really think you should stop, I really think you should stop,’" Cheyenne Dudley said.

"She was like ‘is everything OK?’ You know thinking we had a flat tire or something. I'm like ‘no, we just birthed a baby!" Woods said.

Cheyenne Dudley, who's also a mother, says her instincts kicked in immediately.

"I actually grabbed a jacket out of the back of my car to kind of help wrap the baby and mom, she was kind of feeling some pain so I kind of helped through that," Dudley said.

"She’s like are you hurting? What do you need me to do? She was great," Mays said.

First responders arrived minutes later.

"You just hope that there's not any complications and through the grace of God, there wasn't," Woods said.

After Kylee's thrilling entrance, dad is already setting the bar high.

"Well she was born in a car so maybe she'll grow up to work on cars, or be a race car driver or something... Be the next Danica Patrick," Woods said.

Big dreams from doctor dad, who will forever have a unique bond with his baby girl.

"She’s definitely the whole world.  All I can do is do my best to give her the best life that I can," Woods said.

Mom and baby are both doing well.