Plaza honoring former Virginia Governor Holton dedicated

The plaza in downtown Roanoke honors Linwood Holton

ROANOKE, Va. – A local plaza will honor former Virginia Governor Linwood Holton.

Holton plaza was dedicated by the city of Roanoke Monday to honor Linwood for his service to Virginia. Gov. Holton was Virginia's first Republican governor in the 20th century. He helped end segregation in Virginia schools and signed an order banning discrimination in state government. 

His son-in-law, Senator Tim Kaine, also made an appearance to show his support.

"To have these quotes emblazoned in concrete where everybody can see them for a long time, it's very flattering and makes us very proud," said Holton. 

"He did tough things at a time when there was a political cost of doing tough things and to feel like Roanoke and Virginia looks at his time and says that was a good governor means a lot to him and it means a lot to our family to see people recognize him for the principles of public service he provided at a difficult time," said Sen. Kaine. 

Holton Plaza is located on Franklin Road between Jefferson Street and Williamson Road.