Lynchburg City Schools receives $66,000 grant to help with security and safety efforts

The grant will be used to fund additional security cameras and lockdown buttons

LYNCHBURG, Va. – More than $66,000 from the Commonwealth will help improve safety and security for Lynchburg City Schools.

Officials with Lynchburg City Schools say R.S. Payne Elementary School is proof it is continuing to invest in safety improvements for their students and staff. 

"All of that fencing even back around where the playgrounds are and everything else have been replaced. You'll see exterior door numbers on the buildings, which is so first responders can respond to the appropriate portion of the building, should they have to respond to a building," said Ben Copeland, assistant superintendent of operations and administration.

For the third year in a row, Lynchburg City Schools has received a grant from the state to enhance its safety and security.

"We've been very lucky. I think we've been the beneficiary of close to $280,000 from the state to do things. This is an additional $66,000 on top of that. We're very thankful from what we've gotten from the state,” Copeland said. 

Twelve of the 16 schools in the district will see some changes.

"We're enhancing our video camera footprint. Due to the increase (in) concerns around overall school safety, we're adding some additional functionality on our door access card systems,” Copeland said.

The $66,764 grant will also be used for their lockdown buttons in the schools. The button can be pressed to prevent faculty and staff members' electronic badges from unlocking doors, for an added measure of security.

"The security and attendance clerk that you have to present your ID... finds out where you're going. All those things you see at other businesses and places that you go are all things that we've done to show the community we care about the safety of our schools,” Copeland said.