President Trump's announcement speeds up process of future drone services

Companies like Alphabet and Amazon could be closer to new drone opportunities

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Companies like Alphabet and Amazon could be closer to testing drones for package deliveries and other services in the nation.

“This could be good for communities because they will have an opportunity to influence, say something and participate in regulations with the FAA and address their concerns directly,” said Mark Blanks, director at the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership of Virginia Tech.

Under President Trump's new government-monitored program, Blanks believes the industry could develop its potential more quickly.

“The communities selected for this program will have an opportunity to perhaps innovate more and try out some new concepts, new technology, and flying over people, so those communities could benefit from the innovative technology,” Blanks said.

The pilot program would allow the FAA and the Transportation Department to grant waivers for certain restrictions.

Currently, drone companies have been going overseas to test the drones in order to escape U.S. air regulations.

Under the new directive, companies can pursue the testing here in the United States.

Blanks sees this announcement as a major step forward in putting drones to good use.

“I think drones really have the ability to increase our human potential. We'll see new ways that our everyday life can benefit from, Blanks said.

Blanks hopes this announcement will spur innovation and growth of this technology.