VDOT releases results for tractor-trailer traffic in Roanoke and Botetourt counties

ROANOKE, Va. – For some time people have been complaining after the number of tractor trailers coming through the area but Virginia Department of Transportation officials says the number is much lower than people think.

This information is from the Virginia Department of Transportation:

The data includes Avg. Daily Volume for the six full days of data (not including partial days) and tractor-trailer data with average over the week. 


Site 1 (779 in Roanoke County)

ADT (avg over week) = 585 vpd

Avg. % of tractor trailers = 0.5%


Site 2 (779 near Botetourt Co. Line)

ADT (avg over week) = 261 vpd

Avg. % of tractor trailers = 0.4%


Site 3 (779 near Botetourt Co. Landfill)

ADT (avg over week) = 547 vpd

Avg. % of tractor trailers = 0.63%

*I would expect these numbers to be higher given the proximity to the landfill.


Site 4 (600 in Botetourt Co.)

ADT (avg over week) = 301 vpd

Avg. % of tractor trailers = 1.0%


For about eight hours on Tuesday, an overturned tractor-trailer blocked both directions of traffic on Catawba Creek Road in Roanoke County.

This has residents once again in the area saying something needs to be done to prevent so many tractor-trailers from using that stretch of road.

Roanoke County says the road is mainly used as a shortcut to travel between Botetourt County and Catawba, avoiding the major roadways.

Less than a year ago, residents on Catawba Road in Botetourt County said tractor-trailer traffic has become a serious issue after a nasty accident.
VDOT officials at the time did a study of traffic use on the road

"Tractor-trailers only make up 1 percent the total volumes of traffic on these roads. So we are talking about a very small amount of traffic out there. We also look at the speed and we found that most of the people were going around 52 mph on those roads. So we weren't seeing a huge speed issue," Jason Bond said. 

"I think it's too fast for a vehicle like that. Maybe for a car is OK but not a truck can be on the slow with the winding ups and downs," James Rowe, a resident of Catawba Creek Road said. 

Bond says in the last five years, there's been a total of nine crashes with only one involving a tractor-trailer on Catawba Creek Road also known as Route 779.

For Route 600, there was a total of 12 crashes with none involving tractor-trailers.