Campers look forward to a weekend full of racing, food at Martinsville Speedway

Campers have been filing into Speedway for days

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – For most people, Friday is typically the start of the weekend. But of course, for many campers the weekend started days before.

Those 10 News spoke to came from as far away as Minnesota and New Jersey because of the experience at the Paperclip and they said they had enjoyed every minute of that experience.

Darnette Vickers is from New Jersey and loves the short track racing at Martinsville Speedway.

"The Paperclip is one of my favorite tracks. I love the way they have to drive," Vickers said.

For many fans, one of the biggest thrills of a race is the anticipation of who's going to win.

But that thrill may not have been quite as big for Vickers because she said she already knew who would be taking a bow at the end of the race.

"No, I know," Vickers said when asked if she though Kyle Bush was going to win. "Kyle Bush is an amazing driver."

Gary Cothran is from Greensboro, North Carolina, and is also a Kyle Bush fan

"That's my favorite driver," Cothran said.

Aside from the racing, he loves the food that comes along with camping.

"Camp food; hamburgers, hot dogs," Cothran replied when asked what his favorite thing to cook or eat is.

"It's hard to beat a Martinsville hot dog," Cothran said when asked whether he thought the campground hot dogs or the famous Martinsville hot dogs are better.

J.W. Bush is a lifelong race fan from Minnesota, but his trip to Martinsville Speedway was the first time he had ever been to a race.

"I'm very excited. It's like Christmas to me," Bush said.

Regardless of who campers root for though, they all get along and say that's part of what makes NASCAR so great.

"It's a combination of hanging with people, meeting new people, partying at night and watching the race in the daytime. It's a full weekend of just having a good time," Vickers said.

With Sunday's race starting at 3:30 p.m., there was a good chance the race would finish under the lights, a first for a cup race there.

All of the campers 10 News spoke to said they were excited for that potential.

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