Meal tax could be coming to Floyd County

The tax would not exceed 4 percent

FLOYD COUNTY, Va. – Floyd County is proposing a 4 percent meal tax for local restaurants and food trucks, which will be up for vote during the November elections. 

If the tax is approved, the county will use the money on police, fire and rescue and trash collection. 

"We're going to need things down the road," said Linda DeVito Kuchenbach, member of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors. "Our schools are aging, and a meals tax is just one way that we can start to generate a small amount of funds to help with other capital expenses."

The county believes the tax could generate $200,000 per year.

"The meals tax will be taxable on items that people buy at restaurants, or food that's been prepared at a deli," DeVito said. "It will not be taxing groceries. It will not be taxing meals at churches."

This tax would affect local restaurants, like Mickey G's Bistro and Pizzeria.

Michael Gucciardo, Mickey G's restaurant owner, said he supports the tax if it will help public safety and education, but is weary about how it will affect his business.

"I think it will definitely hinder business a little bit, especially for the people that come here because we don't have it," Gucciardo said.  

The town of Floyd has had a 5 percent meals tax in place since 2005. Floyd County, which doesn't have the tax, is banking on tourists to help generate the extra cash.