Roanoke church looking for stolen van

'Chicken Church' uses van to pick up food donations

A church says they will forgive and pray for whoever stole their box truck from their parking lot overnight. 

We first told you about United Christian Inner City Ministry in Roanoke earlier this month when they were raising money to make repairs or replace its truck.
It's used to pick up donated food to give free meals to the community several nights a week.
The Rev. Mike English says he got a call early this morning saying their food truck wasn't in its normal spot. 

English, the pastor, last saw it after church service around 9 p.m. Sunday.

"Honestly, I'm not all that upset because I knew I was going to have to do something anyway because it was on its last leg. I feel sorry for the people that done it. I'm more sorry for them than I am mad. Because they are not messing with me. They messing with a higher power above me," said English. 

English says this setback won't stop them from their mission. He'll be using his personal SUV with a trailer to pick up food donations for the church.
Roanoke police are investigating. If you have any information call the tip line at 540-344-8500.