Foot Levelers donates 150 laptops to Roanoke City Public Schools

Foot Levelers employees excited to partner with school district

ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke City Public Schools just got a major donation of laptops from Foot Levelers.

Early Wednesday morning, employees at Foot Levelers dropped off a truckload of laptops at the school district's warehouse.

All 150 of them.

The reaction?

“Just wow! That was extremely generous,” Director of Technology Mark Thompson, at Roanoke City Public Schools said.

“We were going through our inventory and realized we had a lot of laptops.

So we decided to be a good community partner,” Social Media Specialist Dan Sweeney at Foot Levelers said.

They're not just any old computers.

“These are newer computers and we thought this is a great opportunity and we can't pass it up,” Thompson said.

William Sellari, who works at Foot Levelers, is also a parent of a child who attends the Roanoke City Public Schools.

“My kid and a number of kids. I'm just glad we could do something to get them more involved with technology and get their education jump-started,” Sellari said.

Sellari isn't the only employee with ties to the school district.

“We have several employees who have gone through the school system. Several employees have children there. We felt like it was a natural partnership,” Sweeney said.

 Thompson anticipates that students will start using these computers by January.