Gov. Terry McAuliffe: Virginia 'constantly preparing' for lone wolf terror attacks

McAuliffe weighs in after deadly terror attack in New York Tuesday

MANHATTAN, Ny. – Gov. Terry McAuliffe is weighing in on what Virginia is doing to try to prevent and prepare for lone wolf terror attacks.

Wednesday he said the Commonwealth is a safe place, pointing out that Virginia has over two-dozen military installations, including the largest naval base in the world.

The governor said first responders are constantly preparing for terror incidents, but stopping a vehicle attack is very difficult.

 "The first responders and what they have up there (in New York) is really spectacular. But, that's why you've got to continually monitor. We do that constantly, working with the federal agencies. You do your best to protect ourselves. It is hard to stop a lone wolf without any prior history, but you've just got to stay vigilant," McAuliffe emphasized.

There have been at least 10 terror attacks involving vehicles since 2014, including three incidents in London in 2017 alone.