Halloween night in the midst of drunken drivers

ROCKY MOUNTAIN, Va. – Halloween night is upon us and it's a day filled with costumes and candy. It is also one of the top three holidays for heavy drinking among adults and teens.

According to statistics, people ranging from the age of 15 to 20 make up 10 percent of those killed on the road. 

“In that same age group about 32 percent of those people will be charged with driving under the influence,” Franklin County Sheriff Bob Overton Jr. said.

It is quite challenging for people in rural areas to use other forms of transportation because of the lack of alternatives.  Not only are the drivers on the road a great concern for law enforcement, but crowds of pedestrians as well.

“We will be patrolling tonight, especially in our more congregated neighborhoods that we know traditionally will have a lot of young children, who are trick-or-treating,” Overton said. “We ask that everyone be safe and use common sense.”

Law enforcement and other organizations encourage partygoers to have a designated driver and use all resources to ensure everyone gets home safely.