Residents in rural areas of Amherst County could soon have better access to internet

County says rural areas underserved, don't have affordable high-speed internet

If you live in a rural part of Amherst County, you may soon have more affordable and better access to the internet. According to county leaders, rural parts of the county are underserved and do not have affordable access to high-speed internet. 

One broadband provider has expressed interest in partnering with the county. Because of this, the county has opened a 45-day window in which other internet providers can send in competing proposals. County leaders say, while right now 40 percent of the county receives good service, their goal is to reach 90percent.

"It's needed from an educational standpoint. It's needed from a business standpoint, health care. It's almost needed for anything we do now in our everyday lives. Broadband is that next utility that is almost required for families to succeed,” Jeremy Bryant, director of planning and zoning, said. 

The proposal period closes Dec. 15.