Cause of Roanoke museum fire remains unknown


ROANOKE,Va. – A day after the burning of the Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum, personnel have not yet determined a cause.  

Due to the massive fire, investigators are unable to safely investigate the area where the fire may have started.

The large amounts of rubble and beams are currently being removed. It may not be until tomorrow until the many lingering questions are answered.  According to officials from the transportation museum, the damages are estimated to around $350,000 to $500,000 of historic items.

This includes buses, neon signs, parts and rare tools.

“We know that we have $30,000 worth of tools and it looks like the tool room may not have burned, said President of the Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum Bev Fitzpatrick. “Now whether the fire got in it we can’t tell that, I don't know but we want to get in it and see if we have anything left that we can use.”

The museum lost a total of 15 historic vehicles that were used to transport people to events around the Roanoke Valley. Fortunately, there are several busses that were saved, but need serious repair.

The investigation continues on to find the cause of the blaze and we are working to keep you updated.