Lynchburg launches new parking app

The city says it will help reduce the risk of getting a ticket

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Parking in downtown Lynchburg may now feel a little easier. The city officially launched its a new parking app. City officials say by downloading the free app, drivers can receive alerts when their parking session is about to expire, can extend parking hours and can receive email receipts. The pay-by-phone option applies to four parking lots in downtown Lynchburg. The city says it is not only more convenient, but it will also help reduce the risk of getting a ticket.

"I've gotten tickets before and not being able to know how much time you have left is pretty bad. Nobody wants a ticket,” said Lynchburg resident Michael Kunt. 

"It's just the evolution of parking. Technology enters into our world, our environment, the parking industry is adopting to that as well. So it's easy to use it in smaller cities like ours and the convenience is just as acceptable in Lynchburg as it would be in Richmond,” said Dave Malewitz, parking manager for Lynchburg.

The same app is available in several big cities including Chicago, Boston and Miami.