Survivor of online predator speaks to hundreds of students in hopes to change one life

Stuart shares how she was abducted, raped by online predator


Amanda Stuart stood in front of hundreds of students in hopes of changing just one life.

She was only 13 years old when she fell victim to an online sexual predator.

“He portrayed himself to be a 14-year-old boy online,” Stuart said.

In actuality, the predator was in his thirties, building a fake friendship with the eighth grader online, until he abducted her from her school in Winchester, Virginia.

“I turned around, and it was a grown adult pulling me into the truck,” Stuart said.

That was only the beginning of what would change Stuart's life forever.

“For several hours, he took me to a local hotel, he brutally raped me, and beat me and left me on the side of the road,” Stuart said.

The only person who may have felt a greater sense of horror from that day was her mother.

“Only a parent or a grandparent knows what it feels like to be in a house of a missing child,” said Vicki Johnson, Stuart’s mother.

Not a day later, while Stuart hadn't even recovered from the ER, she was already on a mission to educate others.

“In the ER, I pulled my mom aside and told her to please help me educate children, because I didn't want anyone else to go through that,” Stuart said.

Now, Stuart speaks to students across the country sharing her story alongside her mother who tells all parents is to be vigilent of any changes you see in your child's behavior.

Johnson says if you're finding yourself in need of answers, you can turn to the Safe Surfin’ Foundation at http://safesurfin.org/.