Park Roanoke updates City Council on metered parking pilot program

ROANOKE, Va.- – Roanoke's pilot metered parking program will continue downtown. Park Roanoke updated city council members.

The program was a 90-day trial for metered spots along Franklin Road and in the Market Square area.

They used 65 spaces and Park Roanoke says there were more than 16,000 registered transactions using the meters. Park Roanoke believes the program is working to increase the availability of on-street parking during peak times. 

"It's designed, really, to create more parking spaces. It's not a huge money driver. We've done approximately $7,200 to date over 60 business days. Not a huge moneymaker, but it is creating what is very much valuable for Park Roanoke and the city, which is more availability of those parking spaces," said Wyatt Poats.

Park Roanoke says the biggest challenge with the program was making sure people registered their license plate for the free first hour.

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