Roanoke man walks several miles from home to polling place to vote

He has been walking to polling place for more than decade

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke man who placed his vote at the Public Works polling location decided to walk several miles from his home to get there.

For more than a decade, Thomas Jones has been walking from his home in Roanoke to the polling place to vote.

In recent years, he said the polling place has moved further away from his home.

Tuesday morning, he walked more than five miles to vote at the Public Works location.

"I think it's important because voting right one of the most important rights we have. It dictates so much in our lives. We empower people to make decisions for us. Over the years, a lot of people didn't have this right, and they had to fight for it,” Jones said.

Jones said he plans to continue walking to the polling place on election day every year.