Experts warn about dangerous toys ahead of holiday shopping

Carilion experts are warning specifically about button batteries

ROANOKE, Va. – Before you hit the stores to go holiday shopping for your kids, experts are warning about potentially dangerous toys.

"Toys that don't have anything that's detachable that they could get ingested into their mouths or lodged any place else so stuffed animals, dolls, those types of things," Carilion Children's Safe Kids coordinator Jill Lucas-Drakeford said.

Another choking hazard that's become popular in toys in recent years is button batteries.

"The really small batteries that are seen in different types of toys and other types of household products that we have at home," Lucas-Drakeford said.

But if your child accidentally swallows one, it can cause major problems.

“It starts to deteriorate the tissues. It can cause some really severe injuries so unfortunately, it kind of masks the same symptoms and tissues of maybe a virus so kids might start to throw up, feel nauseated, be coughing and wheezing and those types of things," Lucas-Drakeford said.

A new mom 10 News caught up with said safety is always on her mind while shopping for her daughter.

"Small things that they could easily put in their mouth or choke on," Samantha Smelser said.

Like many moms, she said she stays up-to-date with recalls to make sure she knows what not to buy.

"Do your research beforehand that would be my thing, the internet is a great tool. You can look up stuff before you even have to go out and brave the crowds, and you can let your family know ahead of time, 'Hey, this is a good idea,' 'Hey, this isn't a good idea,'" Smelser said.

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