Lynchburg police help Liberty University students learn about community policing

Police, Liberty students hand-deliver food boxes to the elderly

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg police are helping Liberty University students learn more about community policing. Every month, Lynchburg police partner with the local food bank to personally deliver food boxes to the elderly. In January, the agency got together with criminal justice majors at Liberty who created a program called SCOPE, which stands for the Student Community Oriented Policing Experience. This allows students to help police at events like this and gives them firsthand experience on what community policing is. 

"If you go into any police department, there's going to be some sort of community policing component attached to it. It's really good to be in college and already be a part of something like that," Michael White, the liaison for SCOPE, said.

“They're all looking into some form or career of law enforcement. So in my personal opinion it's a way to mold them and shape them early to show them police are here to serve, not just protect and there's more than one way to do that,” Officer Luther Rose said.

Lynchburg police also serve the Hillcrest area. They say they've given out 67 boxes since they started the program a year ago.

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