Halifax County stabbing suspect possibly spotted in Pittsylvania County

Antone Hamlett is accused of stabbing his estranged wife Tuesday

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office is reminding people to secure their homes, cars, outbuildings and anything else that Antone Hamlett could possibly use as shelter or cover.

On Thursday morning, the sheriff's office said Hamlett was reportedly spotted on private property Wednesday night in the northeastern part of the county.

Hamlett's car was found abandoned Tuesday night evening near the Gretna exit on U.S. Highway 29.

On Thursday, 10 News did reach out to the sheriff's office for a more specific location in the northeastern part of the county where Hamlett was reportedly spotted, but the sheriff's office did not respond.

The stabbing occurred in Halifax County in the 3100 block of Bold Spring Road.

Maj. Tommy Spencer with the sheriff's office there said Hamlett went to his estranged wife's home on Bold Spring Road and the two started arguing.

That argument is believed to have led to the stabbing.

According to Maj. Spencer, Hamlett and his estranged wife then took off in Hamlett's car.

His estranged wife was spotted walking down U.S. Highway 29, but Hamlett was nowhere to be found.

"(There) haven't been any known sightings in Halifax County. All of the possible sightings have been in Pittsylvania County," Spencer said. "We don't know where he may go. We know he has family here in Halifax County."

Spencer said Hamlett's estranged wife was recovering Thursday night.

If you see Hamlett or know where he is, call 911.