Roanoke County and Salem police join forces this holiday travel season

More patrol cars expected near Route 419 over holidays

ROANOKE, Va. – As holidays are fast-approaching, the number of motorists on the road is expected to triple in the next few days. So is the number of patrol cars on route 419.

Salem police are joining forces with the Roanoke County police patrolling this already congested area.

Officers emphasize the importance of being extra careful, not only near route 419, but to anyone who's traveling the week of Thanksgiving. Drivers should be mindful that roads are expected to be busier.

“I want you to get to where you go, and to see your families and loved ones. Slow down and pay attention to what you're doing. Remember that your car is a deadly vehicle,” Sgt. Raymond Torres, of the Roanoke County Police Department said.

The Virginia State Police will also step up the number of patrol cars: 75 percent of its manpower will be out on the roads over the holiday.