Owners of the truck used in Oklahoma City chase speak out

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Last week, a man in a stolen truck led police on a three-hour car chase around Oklahoma City - and now the truck's owners are speaking out.

Shane and Stephanie Jones said the truck was stolen out of their driveway at 7 p.m. Nov. 3, according to KFOR News. Stephanie was warming up the car when it was taken.

The couple filed a police report and searched the area after their car disappeared.

Not until a week later did the couple gain insight into where their car went. 

"I was coming down [Interstate] 44 and I seen a black truck coming to me heading east and I thought it looked like my truck and yep, I got a little closer, it was my truck," Shane said.

Shane called in the stolen truck and continued to chase the driver. Eventually, he ended up at the scene of the car wreck at the pond, where the police chase ended.

The couple says the police never contacted them after the incident. So, they went to the wrecker yard on their own.

Shane said that the suspect was living out of his truck, which was filled with syringes and a ski mask. Though he spent $60,000 on the truck, Shane says insurance is only offering him about $18,000 to replace it.

The Joneses said that though they are relieved no one was injured during the chase, their issues in replacing the car are far from done.