North Cross School hands out baskets to families for Thanksgiving

Volunteers prepared 75 Thanksgiving meals


North Cross School students are helping dozens of local families in need, just in time for Thanksgiving.

The school is partnering with Central Baptist Church and Techton Products for its fifth annual Thanksgiving meal giveaway.

Volunteers are creating baskets for working families who do not qualify for government assistance but are still struggling this holiday season. 

North Cross School 's community outreach coordinator Alex Hash says that the kids have been working to gather as much food as they can to help fund the day.

"North Cross wants the community to know we care,” Hash said. “We have a motto this year called,
'we serve more,' and this is a part of our more that we do at North Cross.”

The baskets are filled with a turkey, stuffing, drinks and desserts. The school prepared 75 meals and have already handed out 49 of them as of Tuesday.

With Christmas around the corner, North Cross is already collecting toys for children in need.