Virginia inspection sticker windshield placement changing next year

The change goes into effect January 1

Virginia State Police/Provided
Virginia State Police/Provided (Virginia State Police)

Starting January 1, Virginia state inspection stickers will no longer be placed at the bottom center of your windshield. 

Citing new innovations in the automotive industry, leaders decided that state inspection stickers will be placed at the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver's side. 

Crash avoidance technology uses the center of the windshield. Stickers placed there could prevent crash avoidance systems from working properly. 

Existing Virginia vehicle inspection stickers will remain in their current position – in the bottom center of the windshield. Once a vehicle is inspected and issued a new sticker, it will have to be placed in the lower left corner.

On Saturday, the Virginia State Police Safety Division began notifying all Virginia certified inspections stations of the placement change.