Kids in Danville make the most of the early December snowstorm

Kids were sledding and having snowball fights around the city

DANVILLE, Va. – Kids in Danville took time to enjoy the snow Saturday.

Many were out sledding and having snowball fights.

While taking a break from sledding, Brooke Mondul, her sister and a couple of friends couldn't resist having a snowball fight.

"I really like doing everything in the snow because it's really fun," Brooke said.

In a snowball fight, she said she has the advantage.

"Definitely me," Brooke said when asked who is the better thrower.

Her sister, Rose, said sledding and snowball fights are her favorite snow activities.

"You get to throw things at each other and it's fun to go down the hill," Rose said.

Fun, even if she doesn't make it down the hill.

"When I'm coming down the hill, sometimes I get too downhill and then I just tip over and it's funny," Rose said.

Her friend Elizabeth Nichols said the group has been going to Grove Park Preschool for years to enjoy a snowstorm.

Sledding is her favorite way to enjoy the snow.

"Just going down the hill I guess and getting snow in your face a lot," Nichols replied when asked why she likes sledding so much.

Isabelle King also prefers sledding.

"I get to spend time with my family and friends," King said.

Over at Woodberry Hills Elementary School, Adam Matejkl and his friends were making the most of the hills' sledding potential.

"It's very exciting," Matejkl said.

He doesn't limit himself to just sledding though.

"I've had a lot of snowball fights but no snowmen yet," he pointed out.

There may be plenty of time for snowmen, as the cold temperatures forecast over the next several days may keep the snow around.

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