Snow threat can't keep people away from winter carnival in Roanoke


As the winter weather continues across the region the threat of snow in Roanoke didn't keep people away from the first Dickens of a Christmas Celebration Winter Carnival. 

And there was something for everyone food, games, rides and people just out having a great time. The only thing missing was more snow, because there were some flurries earlier in the afternoon. 

Israel Galindo from Ventura, California, attended Dickens and says his city is the middle of the wildfires. He was excited to be in Roanoke for the first time and to see a change of weather.  

"There's nothing I can do for my house because it's in the fireman's crew. So we figured the best thing to do is fly out here and since I can't go home, take care my meeting and enjoy this amazing weather. I've never seen snow before," said Galindo. 

And for one family in Roanoke, going to Dickens is a yearly tradition.

"It started out kind of iffy tonight with the weather, but I was able to convince her to come out and I'm glad we did," said Tracey Cooper.

Organizers of the event said the Christmas parade scheduled for Saturday night will still go on through the streets of downtown Roanoke.