Thousands without power in Virginia as snow falls

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Both Dominion and Appalachian Power are reporting outages Saturday morning as snow continues to fall across the region. 

The largest outage is in Henry County, where more than 1,700 Appalachian Power customers are without power. Crews are currently assessing the condition on that outage. 

There is a major outage in Danville affecting about 1,200 customers. Averett University, the Beverstone and Westmoreland neighborhoods, and a portion of downtown are all impacted. Those customers have been without power since 7 p.m. Friday. Fallen trees knocked over power lines, causing this outage. A tree crew is removing those trees. The power is expected to be restored by 8:30 a.m.

Late Saturday morning, Danville City Manager Ken Larking issued the following statement regarding the outages:

“Our utilities dispatch center continues to receive reports of power outages throughout our service territory. The buildup of wet, heavy snow on power lines and tree limbs is in most instances the cause of the outages. Wet, heavy snow presents one of the most difficult response scenarios that we face. This buildup of snow weighs down our lines and pushes trees and limbs across our lines. I know that we have had many customers without power for a number of hours. I want to assure them that we are doing everything we can to restore their service. I also know that each customer would like to know when his or her power service will be restored. However, there are too many variables to provide an accurate estimate. We have a large volume of outages and, as I said earlier, the outages are scattered throughout our service territory. In addition, a distribution line serving a local area may have multiple damaged locations, all of which must be found and repaired. All these factors affect our ability to predict when a specific customer's power will be restored. We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Dominion is reporting several smaller outages in Halifax, Pittsylvania and Campbell counties. Right now, there is no estimate for when power may be restored to any of these customers.